The Consumption

Thoughts Education Technology

I keep telling people, parents and teachers, that the important thing is to make sure that kids get some experience of technology beyond mere consumption, and that preferably, they learn to create with it. I’m worried, though. Are we falling into another kind of consumption?

Motion Capture Ain't Gonna Do It

Thoughts Gaming Technology

Watching ABC TV’s Good Game cover the recent E3 convention, I have to admit I was struck by just how dull the line-up was from the major games studios. Do we really need more sequels? Do any of them have anything new to offer? How many first person shooters can we create before the genre grows so stale it can sustain its own mould cultures?

No More Laptops for You!

Thoughts Education Technology

In which I rant about the impending demise of the Australian Government’s school computers program, and try to see some positives in the never-ending game of bait-and-switch that is education funding.

Devolution Shmevolution

Thoughts Elsewhere Technology

Sometimes, in our clamour to embrace or to rage against new technology, we forget that certain problems aren’t always as new as they might seem. Those worried about the devolution of language in our digital era would do well to reflect on some history.