Papercraft Cheshire Cat Smile

I’m trying to post more about things I make, and do. Here’s one from last year’s batch. For a production of Alice in Wonderland, last year, I needed a quick Cheshire Cat smile.

Initial sketch. A failed attempt at trying to avoid having the build the nose to put the whiskers on.

2015-08-11 15.23.10

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year making things, it’s to almost always throw out your first draft. Here’s the second design.

2015-08-11 15.23.22

Freehanding a template for cutting.

2015-08-11 16.46.34

Shoe boxes are a good source of high-quality, often paper covered card. This one was black on the inside, which gave me the two colours I needed. Template traced onto the card for cutting.

2015-08-11 16.54.17

Using the cut card as a template for freehanding the next section. The white section will actually become the teeth, so I’m tracing out the shape of the outer mouth.

2015-08-11 17.26.50

Making sure the sizing will work, and doing a more detailed plan for the nose.

2015-08-11 17.45.23

Cutting the template into negative space to give me a mockup of the shapes.

2015-08-11 17.53.37

These are the 3 layers which will make up the finished product.

2015-08-11 20.05.57

Cutting out the teeth. These were actually measured, but the sizing was arbitrary, I just made each tooth outwards, slightly narrower and then mirrored that to the other side.

2015-08-11 20.20.11

Shaping the teeth.

2015-08-11 20.27.21

Teeth ready for gluing.

2015-08-11 20.40.14

You can often use black felt marker to tidy up edges like this.

2015-08-11 21.21.29

I used Tarzan’s Grip here because I wanted a small amount of play in the positioning after I’d placed it down. If you’re feeling confident, superglue (CA) would work too.

2015-08-11 21.44.54

Gluing the whiskers together.

2015-08-11 22.21.37

And the completed product.

2015-08-12 08.01.42

Not pictured is that I used a short section of 5mm dowel as a handle.

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