Fuji XE-2 Firmware Update: Wow!

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Now that my XE-2 is finally back from having the dreaded ‘dust embedded in sensor assembly’ problem fixed, I’ve finally been able to update the firmware to the latest version. I’m hugely impressed.

Most camera companies release firmware updates rarely, and when they do, you get vague things like ‘improved auto-focus’ which you can’t really measure. Not Fuji. Here’s a short list of the big ticket items in the v4.0 update for the XE-2 (the full list is massive, and here):

  • Totally overhauled auto-focus – it’s not just technically faster, it’s actually hugely, noticeably faster – and more accurate, and more configurable.
  • Manual video exposure!
  • Electronic shutter – allows shutter speeds up to 1/32000.
  • More customisable auto ISO settings.
  • Spot meter point can now (optionally) follow the focus area.
  • Exposure compensation dial can now control the Auto ISO when shooting in Manual.
  • You can now disable the film simulation preview in the viewfinder, so you can get a more ‘flat’ look for judging your exposure.

This along with masses and masses of interface improvements, menu improvements, extra function button assignments, sensible decisions about button allocations, and extra info display options makes this update really impressive.

Honestly, it’s addressed everything that slightly bugged me about this camera and given me features (like manual video and electronic shutter) that I never even expected to get. It doesn’t feel like a firmware update designed to fix problems; it genuinely feels like someone sat down and thought “How can we make this camera better?”

Thanks Fuji!