I am a designer, coder and teacher living in Sydney, Australia. I build things and write about education, technology, creativity and a few other things.

Most recently, I wrote…

The Consumption

I keep telling people, parents and teachers, that the important thing is to make sure that kids get some experience of technology beyond mere consumption, and that preferably, they learn to create with it. I’m worried, though. Are we falling into another kind of consumption? — Read more.

The Pixel Painter

Every time you're tempted to complain about your tools or feel that technology is holding you back, just remember that all of this was created with MS Paint by a ninety seven year old who doesn't see so good anymore. — Read more.

Little Green Men and Wobbly Kraken: Why I Love Kerbal Space Program

Here's a game which allows you to just muck around with rockets and things. It's wonderful, and I've sunk more time into this game than Skyrim. Here's why. — Read more.

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